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  • The advantages of flexible printed circuit board and use

    Flexible PCB is the ability to implement almost error-free wiring, replacing labor-intensive manual wiring. In addition to the hard board, the Flexible PCB can also be designed into a complex three-dimensional structure because they can be bent into various shapes. As the name suggests, materials used in Flexible PCB can be bent back and forth countless times, which means they can be used in highly repetitive applications such as on print heads. When a PCBA processor needs to consider the weight of the product, the Flexible PCB is a very good substitute for rigid boards and wires because its dielectric material and conductor lines are very thin.
    With the development of technology, it is believed that in the near future, the Flexible PCB will become smaller and more complex, and the cost of assembly will become higher and higher. So for PCB practitioners, to be able to stand in a higher position in the future, you need to constantly understand, learn and master more about Flexible PCB.

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