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  • Double sided PCB manufacturing process

    In recent years, the typical process to make double face metallization PCB is SMOBC method and graphics plating method.In using process traverse method also has certain occasions.

    A, graphics, electroplating process

    Foil sheet - blanking - benchmark percussive drill hole to nc drilling - inspection - deburring, thin copper to thin copper plating, electroless plating inspection to brush plate, sticker (or screen printing) - exposure imaging (or curing) - check fix plate - graphic plating (Cu + Sn/Pb) to go to the film, etching to inspection repair board, plug plating nickel plating - hot melt cleaning - electrical on-off test - > cleaning to screen printing resistance welding graphics, curing to mark symbols screen printing, curing to form processing to dry cleaning, inspection, packaging and finished products.

    Process "thin thin electroless and copper plating copper" two process that alternative chemical thick copper plating process, both have its advantages and disadvantages.Graphics - etching plating legal face double metal plate is the typical process of the 60 s and seventy s.Bare copper in the eighty s by resistance welding (SMOBC) membrane technology gradually developed, especially in the manufacture of precision double panel has become a mainstream technology.

    Second, the SMOBC process

    SMOBC board's main advantage is solved the fine line between the solder bridge short-circuit phenomenon, at the same time with a constant percentage pewter, are better than hot melt plate weldability and storage.Manufacturing SMOBC plate method are many, have standard graphics minus the electroplating method SMOBC technology of pewter back again;Substitute tin plating or immersion tin plating pewter subtraction graphics SMOBC electroplating process;Bore wall or masking method SMOBC process;Addition method SMOBC process, etc.

    Here introduces SMOBC of graphics and then retreat lead tin plating process method and blocking SMOBC process.

    1. The graphics and then retreat lead tin plating L process method:

    SMOBC of graphics and then retreat lead tin plating process method similar to graphics plating method.Only change after etching.

    Double-sided copper-clad boards to plating process according to the graphics to the etching process, pewter back - inspection - cleaning - resistance welding graphics to plug nickel plating, plug the stick tape - hot air leveling - cleaning - > screen printing mark symbol to shape processing to dry cleaning, finished product inspection, packaging and finished products.

    2. Plug hole method main process is as follows:

    Double cladding foil board to drilling, chemical copper plating and the whole board electroplating copper - plugging holes - imaging (as) to etching, screen printing to screen printing materials, to plug holes materials - cleaning - resistance welding graphics to nickel plating and gold plated plug, plug stick tape to hot air leveling, the following process and the same to the finished product.

    The process is simple, the key of this technology is plugged hole of ink and wash blocking.

    Method in the blocking process if you do not use blocking and screen printing ink blocking imaging, while the use of a special kind of masking type dry film to cover up a hole, then exposed as graphics, this is masking technology.It compared with the method of blocking, no longer exist in ink wash hole problem, but have higher request for masking dry film.

    SMOBC technology is to make the basis of bare copper hole metallization double panel, and then apply hot air leveling process.(source: the Internet)

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