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  • At ten o 'clock considerations about PCB makeup

    We can discuss together ah, the following lists 10 note first, welcome to correct:

    1, the casing outside the PCB makeup (clamping side) closed loop design, should be adopted to ensure the PCB after makeup on the jig not deformation;

    2, PCB makeup width of 260 mm or less (SIEMENS) or 300 mm or less (FUJI);If you need automatic dispensing, PCB makeup width x length is 125 mm * 180 mm or less;

    3, PCB makeup appearance as far as possible close to the square, 2 * 2, 3 * 3, is recommended for the...Makeup;But don't Mosaic board of Yin and Yang;

    4, the center distance between the small plate control between 75 mm to 145 mm;

    5, set the benchmark anchor point, usually around the anchor point set aside in welding area is larger than the 1.5 mm;

    6, the casing outside the puzzle with the internal small plate, plate and small plate near the connection point between cannot have big device or out of the device, and the edge of the PCB and components should have greater than 0.5 mm of space, in order to ensure the normal operation of the cutting tool.

    7, outside the puzzle box open four corners of the positioning hole, pore diameter 4 mm + / - 0.01 mm;The strength of the hole to moderate, ensure they do not break in the process of the lower;Pore size and location accuracy is higher, no burr hole wall is smooth;

    8, PCB makeup within each small board should have at least three positioning hole, 3 aperture 6 mm or less, or less edge positioning hole 1 mm do not allow the wiring or patch.

    9, used for the whole PCB board orientation and reference symbols for fine pitch positioning device, in principle, the distance is less than 0.65 mm of QFP should be set in the diagonal location;Used to puzzle PCB plate locating datum symbol should be used in pairs, decorated in positioning elements in diagonal place;

    10 and the orientation of large components should have column or hole, such as I/O interface, microphone, battery interface, micro switch, headphone jack, motor, etc.;

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